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The three Members of the God Family sat together and planned how they might have a great company of people in heaven with Them. How could this be accomplished? So together they worked out a creation plan.

The Father said…. We will create a beautiful earth. Then create a man and woman and place them in a most beautiful place, called a Garden, on that earth.. They will be productive, and have children. Their families will fill the earth with people. Eventually, if they wish, they could come to live with the Three of us in Heaven. Thus, Heaven will be populated. In their Garden, God walked with them and they had close fellowship, day after day.

However, all Three in that Family knew that there was an IF in their plan. What IF every one in this creation of theirs…didn’t wish to follow the path to their Heaven…What then?? In that case they would have to enlarge the plan for an answer.

But why wouldn’t they want to come to our Heaven and who would decide if they would come or not? The choice would have to be made by each individual person.

The test of their choice would be made in their peaceful living area…the Garden. All of their needs were met there. Every kind of food was provided without work. They could pick from the ground or from the variety of trees that grew there. But God placed one tree there as a testing tool, to prove their love and obedience to Him. They were not to eat from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They probably did not know what EVIL was, but the Father said that they shouldn’t use it for food. If they did, they would surely die. The choice was theirs. That meant that they would be separated from their fellowship with God, and their prospective Home in Heaven would be cancelled. (Death always means separation) This choice, not to follow God’s command was called SIN.

The God Family continued Their discussion on the creation project. They would of necessity have to make provision for these Earth people if they did not make the right choice. What if they didn’t? What then?

The Son chimed in … I so very much want to have those human earthly folks in Heaven with us, that I am willing to go down to that earth…be born a human like one of them and then give MY LIFE in their stead. I could do that because I have never sinned. It would be, buying them back to the way we planned for them in the beginning, before they made the wrong choice and sinned.

The Father questioned; Son, would you really be willing to leave Heaven and literally take on their humanness and then give your life for them…so that if they accepted this Gift of your Life, they would again be eligible to come to our Heaven?

The Son answered, I’m sure I would. Love would cover the suffering I’d have to endure in the process.

Then the Holy Spirit said to the Father…Send me too. I will follow your Son down to the earth we created and help the people to make a right choice and accept the matchless love Gift of the Son.

I’ll also be a teacher to them, will give comfort through their difficult times and guide them to make good decisions.

It all sounded like a wonderful plan. It really should work. Heaven could be populated with people – saved out of the great number who had originally made the wrong choice.

So the Family of Three, each doing Their own part, said…we will do it! And they did.


It happened like they said it would. The Son came to earth and took on the form of a human being. They called Him Jesus. Again and again, He explained why he had come…. that he was from Heaven and had come to provide Eternal life for any who would believe and receive the Gift he was so willing to provide for them. Some believed but many didn’t.

Those who didn’t believe, said he was an imposter and wanted to kill him.

This they did by hanging him on a cross until he gave up the human life he took on when he came 33 years earlier. The night before he was nailed to a cross, he talked with his Father, in another Garden, Gethsemane. He knew that the next day he would be giving up his earthly life, with great suffering, for their sake. He shared with his Father that he was willing to suffer for the people he loved so dearly.

Yes, He did come as he said he would. He did die in their place, as he said he would. But unlike others of those earthly people, he didn’t stay in the grave. He rose on the third day, just as he told them he would. Many days later he returned to his Heavenly Home…reunited with His Father. The plan was completed.

John 3:16 tells us….For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,

that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

John 1:12 presents a challenge. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the children of God, even to them that believe on his name.

Elsie K. Young

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