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Sitting around the back yard pool during a warm Arizona sunny afternoon left us all in a lazy mood. The fragrance from Jim's B.B. Q. steaks put a fragrance in the air that planted anticipation of tasty food to come. The splashing and dunking antics of Tom and son Timmy in the pool kept our eyes glued on them. Extended wet splashes and peals of laughter were all about us. Good family fun was in the air.

Later that week, as I was in a reminiscent mood, a poolside incident came to mind. Timmy and his Dad were having great sport in the water. Then Timmy got out for some fun around the pool's edge. He was dripping wet and full of energy. His Dad said, "Timmy, I don't want you to run." (Better to prevent an accident before it happens). Then he said, "Tim, did you hear what I said?" Tim answered "Yes." ! ; Again, "Do you understand what I said?" Tim replied as before.

None of these words were related in harsh tones of command. This father was merely telling his child what he expected of him and made sure he understood. The child had absolutely no fear of his father. The camaraderie between them was most enjoyable and we watched as again and again Tim jumped into the arms of his father at the deep end of the pool. Tim loved his son and wanted only the best for him..

Then I thought of my relationship with MY Heavenly Father, who also wants the very best for me. How many times has He given me direction and made it clear what He expected of me, His child? Have I always respond to His loving words as willingly as Tim did to his father?

We too, need to hear God's voice, be sure we understand it and then follow instructions. James 4:17 says: "To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin." Following His counsel would eliminate many sad experiences before they happen. Timmy followed His father's directions and they had a happy relationship.

When we acknowledge God's wisdom and follow His commands, our camaraderie and fellowship with Him bring fearless communion and joy in an even greater way than the two in the pool. We too, can feel free to leap into the arms of our Heavenly Father, with confidence. Jeremiah 7:23 says: "This thing commanded I them, saying, "Obey my voice, and I will be your God, and you shall be my people; walk in all the ways that I have commanded you that it may be well with you."

Thank you Lord for Your fellowship as we walk together!

Elsie K. Young

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