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Dishes, Diapers, Dirty Clothes. Jane was in a state of depression. Would she never get above this daily mundane schedule? She just put Junior on the School Bus, fed baby Karen and got Mitsy into the playpen, then plopped herself into a chair to rest.

She was tired and the day had hardly begun. "How can I keep up with this daily grind" she said to herself. Always, every day--the sink never devoid of dishes, used diapers every hour, clothes hamper always overflowing.> Is there no way out?

She poured a second cup of coffee and loitered over it. Maybe, just maybe, her mother or a hired person could come in a couple days a week and she could get a part time job, away from these monotonous, time demanding, routine hours. She knew that her attitude was not good. What was happening to her. As she sipped her coffee, she thought back regarding how this all started.

Ahh! My wedding day and honeymoon. Those were the happiest days of my life she thought. It was the culmination and fullness of any girls dream for the future. The man of my dreams, and he had proven through these seven years to be just that, a home of my own and my loving beautiful children. Isn't this what I had asked God for, and isn't this what He has given me. "Lord, forgive me for this negative attitude" she confessed. Today is our Anniversary and I should be filled with joy. She picked up her Bible from the other side of the table and when she opened it a paper with some previously written notes fell out. She read "My God shall supply ALL your need." "Come unto me, and I will give you rest"....and more comforting verses she had used before. Mountain tops and valleys, that is what life is made up of. She quieted herself before the Lord and asked His forgiveness for being unthankful for His abundant blessings. Things didn't seem quite so bad when she looked at them from this angle.

In spite of Mitsy's demands for attention, a fussy baby and Phil calling to say he would be coming home a little late... (has he forgotten our anniversary) her positive attitude and better frame of mind helped her through the day. Then the phone rang about 3:00. It was Phil again. "I won't be home until about 6:30 " he said, "but don't prepare dinner. We're going out. I haven't forgotten. This is Our Day and I have some special plans." Sorry I'm so late getting this news to you. These were encouraging words to her aching heart, and caused her to finish the days work with new fervor. Mundane? Guess it depends on our own frame of mind or at least something in that category.

Phil came home a little earlier than he said. He found Marge in the baby's room. "I have something for you" he said, and presented her with a beautiful corsage for their special evening. Her face beamed and they hugged. The baby sitter he had called arrived, and they left. As they moved in the direction of her favorite restaurant, he held her hand and said, "Honey, you deserve a quiet evening and I'll try to make it exactly that. I know you have been shut in with the children for too long and I haven't been as thoughtful of you as I should have been. I apologize.

They entered the restaurant and were seated at the far side, away from people traffic. The decor was lovely and the music was just right. After placing their order, they held hands across the table and thanked the Lord for this special occasion. How quickly they had marched through seven years.

They began to reminisce while they waited for their food. Honeymoon! She had never been to Niagara Falls before, one of the most magnificent beauty spots in our country. She'd never forget the manicured lawns and flower beds there. How she had quit her job for the arrival of their first baby. The joy of moving into their own home a few years later. So many joys and blessings.

But it wasn't all pie in the sky. There was the disappointment of Phil not getting the promotion on which they had planned. The midnight emergency when Mitsy's temp went over 104 degrees and had to be rushed to the hospital. When Marge had to stay off her feet before the last baby came, with already two others in the house to care for. Many of the joys and disappointments that go with a growing family had all been theirs. But that's life of course -- sunny days, stormy days, mountain tops and valley experiences. We'd hardly call it mundane.

Let's take a look at how God's system works. After each night, (period of darkness) every morning , ...I mean every morning, the sun comes up. It would be mundane if the sun shone every day and there never were any clouds. The clouds are what make the sky beautiful. How many times have you watched the interesting movement of the clouds? The beauty of the color formations and the huge billowy white ones too. We need the rain for growth, as well as the sunshine.

Much of our life is routine, which if we aren't careful, we can call mundane. But God has promised us His love, care, strength and PEACE in any situation. He is the God of Peace. In John 14:27 He promises: "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you..." and in Phil 4:7 He promises a Peace that passeth all understanding.

Being thankful and keeping our eyes on God can keep us out of a Mundane ditch.

Elsie K. Young

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