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( Part I )

Her name is Josephine. You'd love her almost immediately. She's medium height and a little too heavy but that doesn't matter. The warmth of her countenance, the sparkle in her eyes, and radiating smile draw you to her. Her dark brown shoulder-length curly hair is sometimes well groomed and then again could look like a comb hadn't touched it since she came out of the house on a windy morning. Her pudgy hands are always busy.

Josephine knows almost everyone on her block. When a family moved in recently, she welcomed them with fresh baked cookies and a pitcher of ice cold lemonade on move-in day. She greeted them with "How nice to have you for our new neighbors. I'm Josephine Brown. Where did you move from?"

"We're from out of State" her new neighbor answered. "Our name is Anderson. Tom and Marcy. This is little Joey. He's in first grade."

"Our only son, Jimmy, is in third grade," Josephine said, "I'm sure they will have many fun times together. My husband goes by the name of Jerry. We live across the street in the white house with the blue blinds." So the ground was laid for the latest newcomer.

Young mothers sometimes drop in at her back door for a cup of hot coffee, after the kids get on the school bus. After one of her well-cooked evening meals you can find Jerry out cutting the grass and chatting with the neighbors, or there could be the smell of a B.B. Q. from the back yard. Kids, dogs, people. All are

welcome, even though there isn't a sign hung on the garage door. The older couple down the street aren't forgotten either. Often they get the first rose in spring - -or a steaming hot cherry pie, right out of the oven, or a needed trip to the grocery store. That's Josephine!

One Sunday as they returned from church, his dad asked Jimmy what he learned in Sunday School. Jimmy recited the verse he had memorized. "Do you understand what that means?" his dad asked. "Not now" Jimmy answered. "When we're little we learn the words. When we get bigger we understand what they mean." Josephine, a Sunday School teacher herself, never misses a timely opportunity. "Jimmy" she said, "Why don't we look at that verse after dinner? We'll talk about it and maybe you'll begin to understand it before you're bigger. O.K.?"

Josephine not only knew her neighborhood, but loved and cared for her family. She kept her house clean but not too clean to be comfortable. Her meals were well planned and prepared. Both Jimmy's and Jerry's clothes are always neat and well kept.

This wife and mother is a fun-loving person. She has inborn principles which she doesn't lay aside for selfish reasons. She is a person that I could easily look to as a model in many areas of my life. I like her. Don't you? I thought you would!

Elsie K. Young


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