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How Do You Read ??

Much of Scripture reads like a fast moving story book. Do you ever get so caught up in what you are reading that you don't want to stop? When in the midst of a good book, do you sometimes read into the night and say, "I just couldn't lay it down"?

The Holy Spirit, when giving God's Word to human writers, is careful about details. Where did this happen, and when. Who was involved and what happened next. What was the time frame. How long did it take?

Fast moving? Try following the life of Jesus in Luke's story. He kept moving from one place to another. From one problem to the next. From the seaside to a mountain top. Didn't he send his disciples across the lake and say he would meet them on the other side? But they became so frightened in the blustery dark storm that he went to their rescue in the middle of the night. Were you in the boat with them and felt their fear?

Follow Paul around for a while. The Book of Acts moves so fast you can hardly keep up. In Acts 9 the situation became so tense that he had to be ejected over the city wall to escape death. Follow him through that never to be forgotten night in the Philippian jail Acts 16:12-40. Why was he there? Do you remember God’s intervention before morning? Go with Lydia and her friends to the quiet riverside prayer meeting. What happened to the Fortune Teller gal and the reaction from her employers. Did you go with Paul on his journey while you read it? Intensely interesting.

What about the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50. Thirteen Chapters and 449 verses. If someone put this story in book form, how much would you pay for a copy? It could be labeled by either of the following titles: Ego From Youth or Murder Delayed or Your Answer to Stress or perhaps, Love Wins In The End. Did you go with Joseph, into the dungeon, being sold by his siblings… to jail…and through the temptation with Potiphar’s wife? Did it bring joy to your heart when he was eventually exalted to National Leader during that great Famine? What were your feelings while reading his life story?

Wouldn't you like to follow Daniel's tenacity when your road is full of chuck holes? Go with him to spend a night in the company of hungry lions while he used the furry tummy of one of them for his pillow. Did you hold your breath when the King commanded that Daniel be cast into the den, but also said, "Thy God, whom you serve continually, will deliver you?" What a pure life Daniel lived. What a peace he experienced. Interesting how God changed the Kings mind before the next morning. Do your remember why? Did reading it grab you?

Follow Abraham, starting with Genesis 12 and you may get some help for your world history class. Live with his family. Listen to their problems. Rejoice with them in their deliverance. Follow them in their journeys. You can have a great traveling vacation without having to pay for it…just the precious time it takes to read it carefully. It’s exciting!

The greatest treasure however, is learning to read prayerfully and with purpose. Watch for the words: “if”, “but”, “then”, and “therefore”. These words will help guide you in your study to a greater depth of knowledge, and understanding. Something surely to be desired.

God has rich blessings in store for you if and when


Elsie K. Young

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