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Did you say you're growing OLD ? Not really - just OLDER! Haven't you been doing that for 65 years or more?

Each decade has its adjustments. When changing from decade one to decade two, you could hardly wait for the years to pass. The years from the twenties to the thirties were such good ones. The joy of marriage, your own home, loving children and happy vacations. Then the challenging years... teenagers, departures to college, the first wedding. Busy, full, and exciting.

There were emergencies, usual with growing families. In each instance, God supplied as you called on Him. He gave wisdom to know what to do, plus the energy and fortitude to carry through. Peace and comfort in the midst of those urgent situations was always forthcoming from the One who said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you."

A few more decades passed and you began thinking and planning for retirement. When! Where! Whew, now you can slow down a little.

Now you say you're growing OLD! Not really - just older! The productive years are moving into the past like the lazy river whose waters are forever flowing toward the sea. As it flows it supplies little inlets along the shoreline in which the children can play. It waters the flowers at its edge and helps the trees along its banks to grow big and strong.

Each of us, in our Senior years can continue to be productive in some type of service, with a real joy and delight in the very spot the Lord has planted us. Just as God made each of us different, so our attitudes and reactions to life are different. God has a plan for every life. Never say "I'm not worth anything anymore." God doesn't make "Nobodies". Each of us functions in his own fashion. We all have a measure of "Life's journey" yet before us. In a real sense, we decide what we will do with it. God's sustaining love and care is always available for all the support we will ever need.

There are some, of course, who do not give up easily. I know a lady who learned to swim after 50, took oil painting after 60 and sold over 20 of her favorites. Past 80 she took on the computer, and taking a writing course had her first article published. Now at 90 she has her own website. She says, “Don’t lay down the trowel as long as you are able to turn over a little dirt.”

Sure, growing older has its up side! Most have waited for the time when the daily schedules grind down. . . the alarm clock, quickie breakfasts, fighting freeway traffic etc. are a thing of the past.. You suddenly waken one morning to realize that that time has actually arrived.

Along with retired years also comes the joy of new freedom. Desired quiet times, which you have scarcely had before. You can take your grandson fishing or to the ball game, a quiet dinner without a schedule, or just putter in the back yard. There is time to bring help to a less fortunate person, like grocery shopping for a shut-in, taking a wheel-chair person for a ride outdoors, baby sitting for a busy mom, or visiting a hospital patient. These are a few of the many opportunities to bring joy into the lives of others as well your own.

I am not unaware that there is also a contrasting side to this growing older issue. There can be deeper things that make us react to our age. Perhaps we think more slowly than we once did. Our walk may be impaired. Loneliness may set in. Wheel chairs can be another grounder. Sometimes we hurt and are just tired. Any of these can take their toll.

Perhaps now, after you are several years into retirement and with less wellness and energy, your thoughts guide you toward the "OLD" syndrome again. Possibly you are now in a period of time when another lesson needs to be learned . . .to graciously accept what others are doing for you. Sometimes it can be easier to give than to receive, but we can be more content when we freely accept either situation.

We have learned that God is a God of Promise and when we look to Him we can face our tomorrows with much encouragement.

I’ve made a list to help me up on my ”down days.” Here are a few of them:

When I give in to stress, I choose to move away from God’s promises.

It’s not what I go through, but how I go through it that counts.

Be sure that God’s love is alive in my heart.

Because HE LIVES, I can face tomorrow.

I have walked with God through many years. (over 90) Sometimes life is fresh and invigorating, like walking through a sun filled flower garden, or along that lazy rippling stream with the quite little inlets. Then again, there can be times of ill health, separations and dark storm clouds hover close. In either instance, God does not change. Regardless of our feelings toward Him, He is ever the same. We need to remember that!

In Isaiah 41:10 God says, “Fear not for I am with you, be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed in You, because he trusts in You.” (NKV)

He knows our every joy and our every hurt. He has the same love and power, the same patience, always waiting for us to turn to Him for help !

Whether four or forty or double that, in a cradle or a wheel chair - God’s promises Never Fail!



Yours, In God’s Love, Elsie K.Young


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