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The Missionary was ready to go. The time had come. The long laid plans were in readiness. He knew it wouldn't be easy but He was ready. The reputation of the foreign country he was going to, was not good. Sin, sorrow, sadness and some rebellion was prevalent. The people had been ruled with an iron hand for too long. They had an inkling that a Deliverer would come, but they didn't know when. The writings from their God had given them this hope, yet they were despondent.

Last minute plans for the Missionary's departure were complete. Several announcements were to be sent on ahead. One was to announce to the people that the time of a Deliverer was at hand, and they should prepare their hearts to receive him.

Another message was sent to let the people know where and how the Deliverer would arrive and when. In fact, heavenly beings would make the final announcement. The news was a little "unbelievable". He was to come as a baby ! Who ever heard of a baby being a Deliverer? Sounded "off center" to them. He was to be born in Bethlehem. Some would believe. Some wouldn't. Furthermore, they wanted a king, some one other than who they had, and they wanted him NOW!

While all this was going on in the foreign country, the Missionary was in close communion with His Father in His Homeland. Everything was rehearsed and made clear. Yes, He knew about the hardships He would have to endure but with unchanging purpose, He would go. He was to proclaim to the people all about His Father, the King. He was to share what His Father was like: The King's great love and what plans He had for them: plans that were almost unbelievable, even to the extent of providing a NEW HOME for them. There, they would escape the hardships and trials of their present living conditions. When they believed, or accepted the Missionary's message, they were promised that the King would forgive all their wrong doings and give them a PEACE within their hearts. As the people pondered these promises, they thought, "This is almost too good to be true ."

The Missionary knew that the work He was to do would bring Him great hardship. People would not believe that His message was true and that He really was, who He said He was. There would be unbelief, denial and rejection. In fact, He would be hated, beaten and in the end would die at their hands.

In a very special way, He knew all this would happen. Yet, the message was so needful, and His work so Life Changing, that according to all the pre-plans, He knew He had to go. . . and He did so willingly.

This is a true story. The real Missionary is the Lamb of God. His Name in the foreign land (our planet) is Jesus. It all really happened...2000 years ago. We still celebrate that Missionary's birth. The Baby born in Bethlehem.


Elsie K. Young

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