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Six times in the first chapter of the Bible, God said, “And It Was So.” In creation, God had a purpose. He is both able and willing to bring His purpose to completion.

And It Was So.

When God informed Moses that he was to go back to Egypt to be God’s voice to deliver his people from Pharaoh’s bondage, he replied, “Not me Lord, you have the wrong man. I’m just a shepherd on the backside of the desert. You know I can’t talk.” God answered, “Who made your lips?” Then God sent his brother, Aaron, to be his spokesman. Together, Moses and Aaron went back to Egypt and under God’s direction, the Israelites were delivered from bondage.

And It Was So... according to God’s Plan and Purpose.

When Daniel refused to transfer his devotion from the One and only True God, to worship the powerful king, he was destined to be thrown into a den of hungry lions. He did not hesitate to remain true to his God and willing to suffer the consequences. He trusted God for whatever would happen. God closed the lions mouths and Daniel was saved to write the book which bears his name. (I like to think that Daniel used the lion’s furry tummy for his pillow)

And It Was So... according to God’s Plan and Purpose.

When the Angel came to Mary and announced to her that she would have a Baby, and his name would be Jesus, she was living in Nazareth. The prediction was that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem, 100 miles to the south. A problem? Sounds like it. About that time Caesar demanded that every man should be registered in his hometown. That was Bethlehem for Joseph and Mary. But months later when Joseph was making plans for that trip, Mary was distressed. I can almost hear Mary quietly saying, “No way Joe. My pregnancy time is nearly up and it will be impossible for me to ride a donkey that distance.” But she did! And shortly after their arrival, Jesus was born...in Bethlehem.

And It Was So... according to God’s Plan and Purpose.

When Jesus was on earth, he spent three years teaching twelve men, who he was and why he was among them. During that time he explained again and again, regarding his death and resurrection on the third day. They failed to grasp and believe his words. Peter said, “Not so Lord, this cannot happen to you.”

After his crucifixion and burial in the tomb, the women came early in the morning on the third day and were greeted with the words of the Angel...”He is not here, he is risen as he said...”

And It Was So... according to God’s Plan and Purpose.

If we believe that God is who he says He is and has a purpose for each of our lives, and we are willing, like Moses, Daniel and Mary and others, to follow His Word for our daily walk, don’t you believe He will bring it to pass?

And It Will Be So ...according to His Plan & Purpose.

Elsie K. Young

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