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Teach Me Lord

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way that thou shalt go; I will guide the with mine eye. Psalm 32:8


Many times in the Scripture it tells us, Lord, teach me, that I may see The wonderful truths in Your precious Word, That they may become real to me.


Out of habit, do we read just a portion And close the Book for the day, Without meditating on the truth it offers, Or think through what it has to say?


Lord, help us to have a hungry heart And long for the joys you will give, If only we'll spend quiet time with You In Your Book we'll learn how to live.


Fulfillment in Your presence can be ours, When we spend time with You in Your Word, A life filled with peace and comfort, And contentment can be assured.


So, thank You Lord, for all that You give, We're recipients of Your great love, Our lives are filled with rich blessings, Sent down from Your Heart above!


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