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but here's something for you to think about anyway.

God didn't give us 10 suggestions,
He gave us 10 commandments!

We can spend our hours, days, months
and years - any way we wish, but
we can spend them only once.

Many errors in life result from an
inability to sit still long enough
to read what God has written.

Are you making a living, or a life?
Jesus is our eraser for sin. Sin
does not take responsibility for
its consequences. But I think you know
that already.

Our tongue is the tattletale of our heart.
So, guard your heart!
I have no control over your heart--
Only over my own!

Loneliness is being disconnected
from people.

Just when a caterpillar thinks it is the
end of the world, it becomes a
butterfly. Happy thought!

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